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10 Things You Should Know When Buying a Home

by Daniel E. Giroux, Owner, A-Plus Mortgage Pre-approval: Not all pre-approvals are created equally. If your Loan officer has not completed a Uniform residential loan application (1003) and collected 2 years of tax returns, W2’s, recent paystubs, and a recent asset statement, there is a good chance your pre-approval is not worth the paper it’s written on. Basically, if you...
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Pre-Approved Safety

by Daniel E. Giroux, Owner, A-Plus Mortgage In today’s fast-moving purchasing market, a pre-approval has become an important factor in a seller’s decision making process. Pre-approvals are meant to ensure the seller and the seller’s agent and the buyer and the buyer’s agent, the said transaction has been reviewed and will get approved if the offer is accepted. Pre-approvals can sometimes...
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To Pay or Not to Pay…that is the question

by Daniel E. Giroux, Owner, A-Plus Mortgage Today’s mortgage market gives the borrower much more flexibility. The days of 20% down are a thing of the past. Today programs offer 100% financing for Veterans, first time home buyers, and on USDA loans, 96.5% financing for FHA buyers and 95-97% financing on conventional programs. The biggest question is, what you...
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